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July 13, 2017
Out of Sight Out of Mind
August 8, 2017
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As we race through our days, tending to the different areas of our lives, it’s easy to feel like what we need more than anything is… BALANCE.

“Oh, sweet Balance! If only I had more of you in my life, life would be so much easier!”

Sound familiar?!

Years, ago I let go of my infatuation with Balance! It was a difficult break-up at first. Balance taunted me. It often drove down my street late at night to see if I was at home.

Instead, I started a relationship with DISTILLING.
How? By reviewing the organized contents of my brain every day and asking…

  1. Which of these tasks/thoughts do NOT serve me? What can I let go of, ignore, save for later, work through or delegate?
  2. Which of these tasks/thoughts DO serve me? What do I want to manifest? What do I want to spend more time focusing on?

This was much easier to do as I processed my head visually on my dashboards, both at the macro and micro levels. I could compare, contrast, gain perspective and THINK.

Well, my relationship with DISTILLING has since turned into a love affair in spite of the fact that MODERN OVERLOAD wants to break us up in the biggest way!

I’ll share that saga with you next time!