The Dashboarding Training

Dashboarding helps you move away from functioning reactively to living more proactively by teaching you how to anticipate and plan each new day according to your top priorities.

Gail offers a variety of ways to learn her Dashboarding™ approach to high performance.


Gail designs and delivers tailored and interactive training programs for businesses, schools, non-profits, professional organizations and social clubs. She also hosts her own events. View Our Calendar.

Private & Group Coaching

Gail offers a more hands on and personalized training experience for individuals and small groups who want extra guidance. Sessions can be virtual or in-person (Women, Men and Students.) To learn more, Contact Gail.


Learn the Dashboarding Minds practice or take your practice to the next level on your own time.
The "My Navigation Guide" e-booklet reviews every step in detail.
Click HERE to review the Self-Study options.

In addition to teaching her Dashboarding™ practice, Gail imparts practical guidance pertaining to calendars, time management, goal setting, e-mail management, creating habits and much more.

Workshop Intensives
Informational Presentations
Professional Development
Ed Camps
Student Assemblies
Leadership Development