Answers to your most pressing questions!
1Who would benefit from practicing Dashboarding™ Mind Management?
  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed or stretched too thin by the demands of their busy life.
  • Anyone who feels like they are living more reactively rather than intentionally.
  • Anyone who is looking for a better way to connect to more of what serves them and less of what doesn’t.

Modern-day overload does not discriminate. Anyone can suffer from “overwhelm” no matter what their age or stage in life is! (Parents, Students, Men, Women, Working Professionals, Retirees, etc.) Dashboarding Mind Management is designed to help you reconcile the competing demands of your modern lifestyle.

2Is Dashboarding™ Mind Management right for me?

Start is by asking yourself what your ideal organizational practice would help you accomplish. What would be the main objective(s)?

  • To save you time?
  • To increase your productivity?
  • To help you prioritize?
  • To help you manage your stress level?
  • To help you live with intention?
  • To help you stay connected to your priorities?
  • To change the direction of your life?

Next, ask yourself if your current organizational practice helps you accomplish or pursue your desired objective(s). If not, keep reading!
What differentiates Dashboarding Mind Management from other organizational practices is that helps you continuously reconcile the onslaught of tasks/thoughts entering your mind. This process decreases stress and fosters problem-solving. Once you get clear on what’s going on in your mind you will be better equipped to determine the best use of your time!

3How can I learn Dashboarding™ Mind Management?
There are numerous ways to learn more about Dashboarding Mind Management. Please refer to The Training page.
4What is the best way to implement Dashboarding™ Mind Management?

How you implement Dashboarding Mind Management is up to you!

A good analogy to think about is how you might approach dividing up a restaurant dinner tab with a group of friends. You might use a calculator to crunch the numbers. You might use a pen and paper to figure it out by hand. Or, you might do the calculations in your head! There are many ways to do the math.

My Dashboard® Planner was intentionally created as a physical tool.  Not only does it make Dashboarding™ easy to practice, research shows that in spite of all the organizational technology and apps available today,

  1. our society as a whole, is way more stressed out than ever before and
  2. writing stuff down is a better way to power up your executive function than tapping away on your computer.

Think of My Dashboard® Planner as your safe haven to think, prioritize and plan- without the distractions of any device!

5How do I determine if MDP™ is right for me?
  • Are you a list person?
  • Are you highly visual?
  • Do you love technology, yet still find yourself writing things down?
  • Do you input stuff into your phone, but then forget to look at it?
  • Do you have an easy way to toggle back and forth between the competing demands of your life?
  • Do you have a centralized location to assess your relentless tasks/thoughts?
  • ·    Do you relate to the “out of sight, out of mind” tendency?
6Why is the planner called My Dashboard® Planner?

Your car’s dashboard interface displays the most important information you need in order to make quick and efficient decisions regarding the operation of your vehicle. The horizontal layout is essential because it allows you to keep tabs on all of the essential elements that contribute to a safe and comfortable driving experience.

It’s the same concept with My Dashboard® Planner. MDP provides you with complete visibility into your mental engine. This vantage point provides your brain with access to both the smaller, important details as well as the larger and just as important bigger picture.

7Will I be able to use My Dashboard® Planner if I haven’t had any formal training?
Yes! Once you purchase a MDP, you will receive an e-mail that provides written guidance along with information on supplemental training resources.
8If I purchase MY Dashboard® Planner, would I still benefit from attending a Dashboarding™ event?
Yes, but it is not required. It all depends on how you like to learn. While Dashboarding Mind Management is highly intuitive, it is an ongoing practice that takes time and intention to unfold and take root. Reinforcement along the way can be helpful!
9Does MY Dashboard® Planner include a calendar?
No. My Dashboard® Planner works in conjunction with any calendar. If you prefer a paper calendar, you can stash one within the zippered binder!