Have you asked yourself this question?

August 8, 2017
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“What’s on fire?”

I like to pose this question to my coaching clients after they have fully unpacked their heads and begin to wonder how in the world they are going to prioritize their endless tasks and thoughts. Some clients ask me to clarify.
“Which area of your life is sucking up the most oxygen?”
I’ve gotten all sorts of candid responses.
  • “My all-consuming job.”
  • “My egomaniac boss.”
  • “My volatile relationship with my spouse.”
  • “My child’s mental illness.”
  • “My addiction to alcohol.”
I then follow-up with another question.
“What would happen if this area of your life was NOT on fire?”
And the responses, while equally varied, all boil down to one powerful sentiment:
“I would feel better.”
And before I can even ask my next question, “What would happen if you felt better?” they are already way ahead of me.
  • “I would be able to focus on starting a new career!”
  • “I would be able to do better work and get promoted!”
  • “I wouldn’t feel so angry all the time and our house would be calmer!”
  • “I would be able to get involved in other things that matter to me!”
  • “I would be able to start living the life I’m supposed to live!”
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