YOU could be Dashboarding!

Is it time to get the help you know you need and deserve? Do you relate to any of the following statements?

  • "I feel overwhelmed by all the things I need to do and think about on a day-to-day basis."
  • "I constantly feel distracted. I want to live in the present!"
  • "I feel like there's never time to focus on my own needs."
  • "I crave more balance in my life."
  • "I want more time to focus on the things that are important to me."
  • "I can't say no!"

Gail works with all types of individuals to teach them how to create space in their minds, cultivate self-awareness and take mindful action. She is passionate about helping people live with less stress and greater intention.

A busy Woman is Dashboarding™…

Meet Jennifer. She's married, has three young kids (one with special needs), is the Director of a Wellness Center and a certified Doula practitioner. Jennifer loves yoga and helping others.  

Before Dashboarding™

“I struggled to keep balance in my life. Things were getting done but always in reactive mode.  I was constantly putting out fires, forgetting important dates, and always living in a fight or flight mode. I had way too much on my plate and didn’t think there was a way out.”

After Dashboarding™

“After just a month of Dashboarding™ I felt like I had taken the reigns of my life back. Dashboarding™ is such a practical way to free up your mind and focus your attention! It has helped me be more effective at work and feel like a better Mom. Plus, Gail’s tool is a genius way to implement Dashboarding™ on a day-to-day basis. I absolutely love my planner!”

A busy Man is Dashboarding™…

 Meet Mike. Mike is a business professional, father, husband, who juggles a demanding work schedule and family time. He sleeps about 5.5 hours each night. He enjoys reading books, educating young minds, and solving theoretical and practical problems.     

Before Dashboarding™

“I was a master multi-tasker and always functioning in a highly reactive mode. I was stressed out because I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I felt like I had lost the true sense of who I was and what my life priorities were.  Identifying what was important to me felt so obscure because my filtering process was so congested.”

After Dashboarding™

“I have been able to focus on what is important and gain peace of mind. My sense of awareness has multiplied. I have decluttered not only my mind, but also my vehicles, office, computer desktop, e-mail inbox, calendar, closet, and more. I feel much more relaxed and in control of my life.  I’m way more focused on what's important in regards to my career, well being, and family. Game changer!” s. I absolutely love my planner!”