My Dashboard® Tools

How you dashboard is entirely up you!

My Dashboard® Planners are designed for visual thinkers who enjoy writing things down.

They work in conjunction with any calendar as well as technology.

And the best part?

No annual, expensive refills required.

Ready-made custom tool, designed to make Dashboarding® easy.

Learn why people are hooked on their My Dashboard® Planner!

  • “I love the way this ingenious planner helps me easily pivot between the different areas of my work, life and mind. Keeps everything separate, but also within easy reach.” ~ Jane, Corporate Communication Supervisor

  • "I feel so much calmer after using a tool that enables me to completely empty my mind AND easily find stuff whenever I need it.” ~Mike, Logistics Manager

  • “I can’t believe how quickly and effectively my planner helped calm my mind and focus my attention on my priorities.” ~Joseph, Sales Engineer


My Dashboard® Planner, "All-Terrain"

Powered by sticky notes and scratch pads, this unique planner allows you to create a “command central” for your mind. Designed to be super lightweight, durable and compact.

  • Color: Dark Brown

  • Dimensions: 7” x 1” x 8¾”

  • Weight- 15 oz.

  • Hard cover, w/elastic closure

  • Front “My GPS” insert w/two scratch pads

  • 5 double sided, tabbed dashboard inserts

  • 1 clear vinyl pouch w/ 3 sticky notepads


My Dashboard® Planner, "Turbo"

Designed with same core features as the "All Terrain" but with some "extras", including a vinyl zippered binder, Vision Board and replaceable lined journal paper.

  • 3 Color Choices: Black, Brown, Navy

  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 10”

  • Weight- 1.5 lbs

  • Vinyl, 3-ring zippered binder

  • Front “My GPS” insert w/two scratch pads

  • 3 double sided dashboard inserts

  • 1 double-sided Vision Board

  • 50 pages of lined journal paper w/tabbbed dividers

  • 3 sticky notepads stored in back binder pockets