Schools are Dashboarding

The World Health Organization cites STRESS as being the health epidemic of the 21st century. Increasingly, schools are being looked upon to provide health & wellness related guidance and resources in addition to academic tutelage.

Dashboarding™ helps schools deliver on their health & wellness related initiatives by providing their Administrators, Teachers, and Students with a new tool that is designed to help them better integrate their personal lives with their professional or academic pursuits.

Little Falls Schools
Teachers' Keynote Address

Cedar Grove Schools

Wayne Township Schools
Guidance Counselors

"Wow! I so enjoyed Gail’s energy,
enthusiasm, and
-Special Education Teacher

"So good to know that I'm not
crazy... mindfulness is achievable
by changing habits." 

“I not only learned about a 
wonderful strategy & product but
also a lot about myself. 
-Guidance Counselor



  • “Everyone benefited. The workshop allowed for personalization/individualization. Thank you! Loved it!”- Dawn, Supervisor, Wayne Public Schools, NJ
  • “Wow! As soon as I began filling in the dashboards my body and breathing literally relaxed.”- Paula, Teacher, Little Falls Schools, NJ
  • “Excellent presentation- revealing a simple solution to a complex problem for me- organization!”- Katherine- Teacher, Totowa Public Schools, NJ
  • "Excited to start doing this! Love the process of looking within, organizing tasks/thoughts and acknowledging “other thoughts!”- Janine, Supervisor, Cedar Grove Schools, NJ