The Dashboarding Practice

Dashboarding Minds provides you with a practical way to filter out the clutter from your life and reconnect with yourself again. When we operate in a reactive state, our decision-making, problem-solving and coping skills become highly impaired because our stress level becomes elevated.

Do you…

  • Feel overwhelmed and stressed out?
  • Lose your patience easily?
  • Live reactively?
  • Have notes scattered all over the place?
  • Lose or forget things?
  • Feel easily distracted?
  • Feel guilty about saying no?
  • Feel unmotivated?

Now you can…

  • Feel more in control.
  • Feel more resilient.
  • Live more proactively.
  • Use a “command center.”
  • Feel more organized.
  • Feel more focused.
  • Feel empowered to say no.
  • Have more energy.

The mental dashboards are just the beginning of the Dashboarding Minds practice. Learn how to distill your dashboards into one daily action plan that is connected to your top priorities!