Discover Dashboarding®, a new way of tackling your everyday that will have you feeling less stressed, more connected to your real priorities and truly confident in your ability to succeed.



I’m Gail Kreitzer, Consultant, Speaker & Coach who specializes in cultivating work/life balance, mindfulness and efficiency via mental organization.

I created Dashboarding®, a unique sequence of highly intentional organizational strategies and habits designed to help you distill the relentless onslaught of demands competing for your limited time and attention. I’m also the inventor of My Dashboard® tools.

My goal is not to help you do more. My goal is to provide you with a pragmatic way to identify and execute only what is truly essential across all areas of your busy life and free yourself from the clutter.


Why practice Dashboarding®?

I begin all of my kick-off training sessions by posing this question to participants:

“What problem are you hoping I can help you solve?” And, I receive all kinds of responses:

  • Prioritizing calendar and tasks.
  • Managing time efficiently.
  • Eliminating distractions.
  • Avoiding letting important things fall through the cracks.
  • Simplifying and staying focused on what’s important.

I then ask them WHY their goal is important to them. And that's when the universal thread appears: "Because I want to feel more present in my day-to-day life."


I know the feeling!

Not feeling fully present was precisely how I felt years ago.

I found myself trying to work harder, longer and faster in order to keep up with all the things that needed my attention across all areas of my life- work, family, kids, spouse, house, volunteering, friends, dog, finances, health and more. It was too much. And, while I was getting it all done, I kept thinking to myself, “There has got to be a better way to feel and function better.”

So, I began to scrutinize my piece-meal approach to organization and play around with some simple home office supplies. In the process, I created a surprisingly pragmatic and highly effective framework to help me DISTILL and integrate my work/life demands.

I began to feel so much more in control of my busy life that I knew I had to share my secret with others.

Learn Dashboarding®

My training programs are all designed to be highly interactive, engaging, pragmatic, and motivational.

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I provide organizations with a unique way to deliver on their health & wellness initiatives.

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