“I’m on a mission to FREE UP as many cluttered minds as possible by sharing my Dashboarding® approach to mental organization and personal empowerment.”

-Gail Kreitzer


Let's cut to the chase.

Do you crave MORE TIME to:

  • succeed in your job?

  • enjoy a fulfilling personal life?

  • tend to your mental, physical and emotional health?

  • reconnect with yourself again?

How about "ALL of the above!"?

What is holding you back?

The majority of my clients are seeking help with:

  • prioritizing their endless tasks.

  • managing their time more efficiently.

  • minimizing distractions.

  • setting goals and sticking to them.

I always ask WHY getting more organized is important to them.

And their collective response usually ties into a universal sentiment-

"Because I want to feel more present in my day-to-day life."

I can Relate.

Years ago I began to suspect that the way I was keeping my life organized wasn't cutting it.

I found myself feeling on-edge, exhausted, and overwhelmed by everything I needed to do and think about on a day-to-day basis.

There were TOO MANY tasks weighing on my mind!

  • Short-term

  • Long-term

  • No-term

Plus, I was carrying around loads of thoughts, ideas, questions and concerns. In spite of being organized, I was having trouble getting things done and making time for what really mattered.

So, I began researching and experimenting with all kinds of organizational strategies, tactics and tools. Everything looked the same and, spoiler alert, nothing really helped.

And then...

In an effort to solve my own problem of mental overload, I grabbed some simple home office supplies and my life began to change.

Unexpectedly, an incredibly practical way to integrate my work and life began to unfold. I felt so much calmer, more efficient and confident in my ability to succeed.

Today, I call it Dashboarding® and it can change your life, too!

What makes Dashboarding® different?

It all begins with the DASHBOARDS!

Do you rely on a piece-meal approach to organization? Do you find yourself looking for tasks, to-do's or notes that are scattered all over the place? Do you often forget things or worry about forgetting things?

Does it feel like your mind is spread out all over the place?

Dashboarding® will help you change that reality! The foundation of the practice is rooted in the DASHBOARDS which you design to help you store all your to-do's and thoughts so they are highly:




But, it doesn't end there!

Dashboarding® is all about taking MINDFUL ACTION, one step at a time. You’ll feel more connected to what matters most to you ACROSS ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE including work, family, personal, friends, health, leisure, finances, dreams and more.

I can't wait to teach you how!

Learn Dashboarding®

Dashboarding® training programs are designed to be highly interactive, engaging, pragmatic, and motivational.

Business Leaders & Educators

I provide organizations with a unique way to deliver on their health & wellness initiatives.

Motivational Speaking

I provide keynote presentations and value-added client events.

Personal Coaching

I provide individualized instruction, support and accountability.