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Dashboarding  is a visual approach to high performance that provides you with a practical way to continuously DISTILL the relentless demands of your life that are constantly competing for your limited time and attention. The foundation of Dashboarding is rooted in continuously evaluating how your tasks and responsibilities relate to your priorities at both the micro and macro levels via the use of your mental “dashboards.”

Why Practice


According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America 2015 Survey, stress is on the rise across all ages and demographics. The top five sources of stress cited by adults include work, money, family responsibilities, personal health concerns and health problems affecting the family.  Moreover, a sizable proportion of the adults surveyed do not feel like they are doing enough to manage their stress.

Dashboarding was specifically developed to help you combat the type of stress that results from trying to prioritize “too much” across ALL AREAS of your life by providing you will a new way to filter your tasks and thoughts. When we try to prioritize too much, we end up thinking less and doing more until it is all too much.

What Makes

Dashboarding Different?

The DASHBOARDS. Unlike traditional organizational approaches that leverage productivity tactics aimed at increasing output so you can “get it all done,” Dashboarding Minds centers upon DISTILLING “overload” through the use of dashboards so you can “get to less.” The process of Dashboarding Minds helps you cull the relentless onslaught of information your brain is constantly trying to process on a day-to-day basis so you are better equipped to streamline your tasks and focus your attention only on what serves you.

Want to reduce the stress that you, your family, your business and or colleagues are all struggling with? Let's start talking!

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  • Tara is dashboarding...

    I have been working on my dashboard for the past several hours and you have no idea how the relief is pouring out of me!!! I GET IT NOW!! You didn't ask for my testimonial, but I'm giving it to you anyway. I am a believer!!! It's magical to the A+TYPE personalities!
    Tara Gilvar, Founder & CEO
    B.I.G. Believe Inspire Grow
  • Jennifer is dashboarding...

    My sister and I are having a nice chat about our planners—thinking of you and reflecting on the amazing tool you gave us to stay focused on what we want most. We both agree—you are magic! You have provided us with a clear concise tool that helps us manifest things we didn’t know were possible! We make space, we use the space by doing things that serve our purpose and we get things done! You are VERY true to your word, you help declutter people's minds making space for the things they love.
    Jennifer Watt
    Director of Avalon Wellness Center
  • Debbie is dashboarding...

    My Dashboard® Planner is for anyone who has a busy life and wants to feel like they are running their life, and their life isn't running them. I guess that pretty much means EVERYONE;) I love the customizable dashboard pages and the replaceable My Dashnotes®. As my life changes, my projects change, and this system allows me to change the layout as appropriate at any given time.
    Debbie Royal
    California Closets
  • Shannon is dashboarding...

    My Dashboard Planner has completely changed the way I operate. Now that I have a tool that allows me to keep all of my thoughts and ideas in one place I feel so much calmer and clear minded. With Gail's inspiration, I've even begun planting the seeds of mind management in my 11-year-old son.
    Shannon Lorenzo
    Spanish Teacher
  • Susana is dashboarding...

    I have tried many project management and task organizing tools before, but nothing was helping me cover all of my bases. Gail put it all in perspective in her gentle, caring way. I walked out of her workshop with purpose, energy, and My Dashboard® Planner. Months later, I have my morning coffee with my planner. It helps me see all that I do accomplish, as well as what’s on my radar. I’m able to capture tiny thoughts and huge projects. Nothing slips through the cracks and I have a calm sense of being in control over the different areas of my life.
    Susana Fonticoba
    Right Click Advantage LLC