My father kept yelling ONE word...

When I was a teenager,  I remember a distinct day in Autumn, when I was outside with my father and two siblings getting firewood ready to fuel our wood-burning stove for the upcoming winter. 

The game-plan was straight forward. My father was in charge of splitting the logs with an ax while my siblings and I created a human chain to transport and stack the accumulating pieces near the back door of our home. 

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It was grueling work that my siblings and I wanted to get through as quickly as possible.  Apparently, so did my Father. As he swung his ax he kept yelling ONE word at us over and over again.

Can you guess what that word was?

It was not “Faster!”

It was not “Hurry!”

It was not “Move!”


“Anticipate! Anticipate! Anticipate!” he bellowed.

My father knew that the key to getting us to work more efficiently did not hinge upon focusing our attention on our speed or effort.  It centered upon our ability to THINK AHEAD. He wanted us to ANTICIPATE the weight of the wood pieces reaching our hands before we even felt it. He urged us to connect with the power of foresight as a way to fuel productivity.

I must admit, I did not recognize or appreciate the important life lesson that took place that day in the woods. But, it has come full circle now as I work with clients to share the Dashboarding® practice; an organizational approach to mental empowerment.

Thank you Dad.

Gail Kreitzer