Who's Dashboarding®?

The World Health Organization classifies stress as being the number one health epidemic of the 21st century.

Businesses, Schools and individuals are responding by becoming increasingly more focused on incorporating mindfulness into their health & wellness strategies. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises are now being embraced as effective stress-reducing tactics. However, an often overlooked, yet highly impactful mindfulness tactic is an individual’s approach to mental organization. Often, individuals utilize a piecemeal approach to their work/life organization, which leaves them feeling scattered and stressed.

Dashboarding® training spans three primary content areas:

  1. Calming Your Mind
  2. Cultivating Self-Awareness
  3. Taking Mindful Action

Within those three content areas, specific organizational strategies and topics are reviewed:

Time Management, Prioritization, Goal Setting, Creating Habits & Routines, Limiting Distractions, Saying “No Thank You", Focusing Attention, Navigating Conflict, Calendaring, Scheduling & Time Blocking, Delegation, Work/Life Balance, E-Mail Management, and Social Media.

Dashboarding® training is designed to be highly interactive, hands-on, motivational and engaging. *




"Wow! I so enjoyed Gail’s energy,
enthusiasm, and

-Special Education Teacher


"So good to know that I'm not
crazy... mindfulness is achievable
by changing habits."



“I not only learned about a
wonderful strategy & product but
also a lot about myself.”

-Guidance Counselor



“Gail’s delivery was awesome! Love how Dashboarding makes everything accessible, visable and centralized!”

- Business Owner


“I can already tell Dashboarding will become my best friend. I have never come across anything so practical and helpful!”



“Very entertaining and informative. Gave me a different perspective on “clearing space".” Great way to organize all aspects of my life.



Gail has helped me to organize my life! I feel calmer knowing that everything is in my Dashboarding book. She has taught me life-changing skills to declutter my mind, set goals and make my life less complicated. Her lectures and products are a must for anyone who is navigating through life! P.S. Gail is brilliant, engaging and energetic!
— Laura Hess Sacks, Nurse
After just a month of Dashboarding, I felt like I had taken the reigns of my life back. Dashboarding is such a practical way to free up your mind and focus your attention! It has helped me be more effective at work and feel like a better Mom!
— Jennifer Watt, Wellness Director & Doula
I have been able to focus on what is important and gain peace of mind. My sense of awareness has multiplied. I have decluttered not only my mind, but also my vehicles, office, computer desktop, e-mail inbox, calendar, closet, and more. I feel much more relaxed and in control of my life and focused on what’s important in regards to my career, well being, and family. Game changer!
— Mike Luzzi, Logistics Manager
I have tried countless calendars and planners of all shapes and sizes. I have also made several attempts at creating my own system to organize my home and family responsibilities, art studio, volunteer commitments, and other interests and have repeatedly fallen short at these attempts. Now that I am “Dashboarding” and have had one on one coaching with Gail, my scattered papers, notes, appointments, and thoughts are better organized and contained in one central location. The Dashboarding system has helped tremendously with focusing and creating new habits in prioritizing my day. Gail has been an incredible, supportive guide throughout this ride. This is a big deal, I am feeling less stressed and will continue to tweak this process while knowing that this is the system that I have been searching for.
— Susan Gast, Artist
Dashboarding was a catalyst for positive change in my life. No more never-ending to do lists!
— Allen Mills, Teacher
I have been working on my dashboards for the past several hours and you have no idea how the relief is pouring out of me! I get it now! you didn’t ask me for a testimonial, but I am giving it to you anyway! I am a believer! It is magical for A+ type personalities!
— Tara Gilvar, CEO